In the summer of 2012, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts brought the En Masse Project on board for the creation of their new educational area. On the course of 2 of the hottest weeks of July, 28 artists gathered together in the new sections of the museum to create one of our most impressive piece to date, covering walls and part of the ceiling on 2 levels, a staircase and one of the main access hallway. The new educational zones launched in September 2012, offering a free access and workshops to kids and their adults everyday that the museum is opened. The En Masse piece will be there permanently, giving the project a important presence in the city. Be sure to pass by next time you are visiting Montreal.

En Masse x Station 16

Creative shoot for FantasticsMag

Photography/Art Direction: Angela Y. Martin (

Styling: Claudia Da Ponte

Illustrations: Cheryl Voisine 

Makeup: Vanessa Melanson

Hair: Mike Baronowski

Model: Jeannine (Ford)